Vanilla Anarchy Survival hosted on the latest java snapshot

server information

An Authentic Vanilla Minecraft Experience

Fractured is a Vanilla anarchy environment. There are no land claims, tpa, sethome, or any other non vanilla features. Be aware that stealing, griefing, player versus player combat, and the use of modified clients are all allowed on the server.

We take the claim of being a vanilla server very seriously and to us vanilla means no technical or mechanical changes. Therefore, the server is not hosted on paper or spigot as those both introduce changes to technical gameplay.

The Server IP is

Why play minecraft on the latest snapshot?

  • The latest snapshot is the most recent build pushed to the public for testing from the developers
  • Experience the newest blocks, mobs and mechanics months in advance of the full release!
  • Snapshot is a great place to design new farms with the latest mechanics
  • You could shape the future of how Minecraft is played by being the first to test a new idea! 

How to connect

On your Minecraft launcher, go to the "installations" tab and check the "snapshots" checkbox under versions

You should see "Latest snapshot" in your installations list and you can click the play button now

If you don't see the "latest snapshot" installation, click the "new" button near the top left of the installations tab and select "latest snapshot" under version

After launching your snapshot installation, choose multiplayer and add a server. Type "" in the address field and click done.
You are now ready to play!